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Track your fleet from a single page

Unleash the power of AI: get ETA forecasts, extract data from Rate Confirmations, plan your capacity with Loadflow.
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Trip Management

Pilot's cockpit for trip management

Track trucks live: RED means late, AMBER is on time, and GREEN tracks early. Stack multiple trips, predict ETAs and book reloads days in advance.

AI Data extraction

Spend less time processing Rate Cons

Upload Rate Confirmations for automatic data prefilling via AI recognition. All brokers are supported.

ETA Forecasts

Stay ahead of the game

Compare appointment times with AI-forecasted ETAs in real-time, based on real-life road conditions and drivers' Hours of Service (HOS).

Capacity Planner

Plan days and weeks in advance

Capacity calendar view with drag & drop (Beta)

Motive Loadflow
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$49 per truck / month

Enjoy a 30-day free trial, with billing only for active truck usage thereafter.

Our story
Designed by a trucking company

When we started our trucking company with just one truck we wanted to measure and optimize EVERYTHING. The more trucks and data we had, the harder it was to use for actual decision-making. We started looking for software that could aggregate data from multiple systems, and automate and visualize our fleet operations on just one screen. We couldn't find it. So, we built LoadFlow.

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LoadFlow is an AI-powered fleet management platform that allows one person to manage up to 50 trucks on A SINGLE SCREEN. LoadFlow integrates with motive ELD in under 5 minutes. A quick glance at LoadFlow's single screen in the office, on a tablet, phone, or even in your car paints a real picture of how your fleet is doing today. Everything is aggregated, analyzed, and color-coded on a single screen.
from Columbia, SC
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